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April 17, 2023

Mid-Century is the New Modern

After three very busy years in the Atlanta estate sale market one thing is clear – the Mid-Century Modern furniture trend is not going anywhere fast. With new generations of home-buyers moving into bigger spaces and older generations leaving their large family homes, the desirability of high-quality furniture at a great price continues to drive our sales. The iconic Wassily chair pictured here (at a recent sale) is an example of great design that carries through the decades, even sparking vegan leather knock-offs in present-day furniture stores. Quality construction continues to be a hallmark of this era, making investments in the real deal likely to prove worthwhile.

April 10, 2023

Staging is Everything

My grandmother used to say, “The eye eats before the palate.” The same is true in setting the stage for a great sale. The layout of a room and even the little touches in how and where items are displayed makes a significant difference in how shoppers perceive quality and value. Nothing compares to a first impression as they enter a house and do a first walk-through.

Our team has years of experience making estate sales bring out the best in your treasures, ensuring a top-dollar sale!

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