Whether you are looking for assistance in organizing an area of your home, downsizing/liquidation due to the death of a loved one, facing foreclosure, divorcing, re-marrying or relocation. Compassionate Transition will take the stress off of you and manage the entire process of your transition with compassion and integrity.


  • Put items in piles (keep, donate, toss)
  • Sort and keep like items together
  • Clean & label space as needed
  • Refill space in an organized fashion


  • Paper and document management
  • Declutter your home
  • Sort and organize
  • Drop off donation to your favorite charities
  • Convert old photos to digital format


  • Professionally manage estate sales or online auctions
  • Appraise items to be sold
  • Clean out and prepare the house for sale (including attics, garages, storage sheds, etc.)
  • Recycle and donate unwanted items
  • Junk/trash removal
  • List the House for Sale

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