How to prepare for an estate sale

Decide what to keep at the beginning

While we are trained to look for things with resale value, we have no idea what is invaluable to you! Walk through and mark or separate mementos, objects, artwork, and pieces of furniture you cannot part with before having a walk through with the company.

Check with Kim!

We know it can be enticing to get started and get rid of some junk, but wait!!  Estate sale professionals have an eye for value and niche items – even ones in poor condition – that might be worth a lot! Let us help you determine what is ‘trash’ before it goes out the door!

Point out potential hazards

Sharing this valuable information will help keep both team members and customers safe in your home throughout the process.

Sit back and relax

Our team will treat your items and home with absolute integrity. We are here to ensure you have all the support needed throughout this process and are treated with compassion throughout.

Plan your weekend away

It can be unexpectedly difficult to experience the sale of your loved one’s things. We encourage you to plan something fun and elsewhere throughout the course of the sale.

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