Choosing the right estate sale company for you

Compassionate Transition Other Company
Locally Owned   Are you locally owned?
Not a franchise Are you a franchise of a larger company?
Owner consultation with every client Who manages client relationships?
Transparent planning process How will I get all the details of the process?
Clear, concise contract detailing process and costsHow complex are your contract agreements?
Personal referrals for other services you may need in the transitionWhat other businesses do you have relationships with? Can you help us
find things like a trusted realtor or attorney?
Features sales on,, and EstateSale.netFeatures sales on,, and
Features your sale on Google page, Facebook, Instagram, & TikTokSocial Media presence?
Items priced individuallyWhat is your pricing process?
All items priced by our ownerWho prices the items at your sale? What is their experience?
Professional staging of all itemsHow do you organize items for sale?
Can organize a complete, final clean-out following the saleWhat happens if you don’t sell everything?
InsuredAre you insured?
Access to specialty markets & appraisalsHow do I know I am getting the most money from the sale?
Can host online auctionsWhat if an in-person sale is not possible?
Excellent & Recent ReferencesCan you point me to client reviews? Can I speak with a former client?
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